How Luminex assay helps in covid-19 testing

 Luminex assays are a special type of immunoassay that can be used to achieve precision when measuring many analytes in just one sample. It is a bead type of assay that can permit a multiplex detection of about one hundred analytes at a time. The internal parts of these beads are dyed with several infrared colors to a corresponding region. It can expand in many forms, such as the cytokines that can occur in a sample. These samples give out important information about the processes involved. These assays use some sets of fluorescent beads where each bead gets in a certain spot within the fluorescent spectrum. These beads are protected with antibodies with an emphasis or relation to the analyte. Antibodies specific to the desired analyte are coupled to a unique bead region and are incubated with a sample. After washing away unbound materials, samples are incubated with a mixture of biotinylated detection antibodies and a streptavidin-phycoerythrin reporter. Using a Luminex instrument, t